From 2011-05-13 to 2011-06-11


09:07 Revision 4efd79c8: [TASK] Remove encoding declaration from source
The encoding declaration did not do anything useful, but it (still)
breaks PHP when compiled with zend-multibyte supp...
Karsten Dambekalns


09:31 Revision 37c2eef7: Merge "[+BUGFIX] (Widgets): Remove WidgetRequest"
Sebastian Kurfuerst


19:21 Revision e93039f5: [FEATURE] "XML" mode for the Escape Viewhelper
Fluid's Escape Viewhelper now supports a mode which only converts
the characters "<", ">" and "&" into their entity e...
Robert Lemke
17:54 Revision e5fd4c65: [+BUGFIX] (Widgets): Remove WidgetRequest
We now got rid of WidgetRequest, which was very hard to handle together
with SubRequests.
This makes Widgets run aga...
Sebastian Kurfuerst


16:17 Revision c9cb60dc: [+BUGFIX] Whitespace and comment fixes
... encountered while backporting to v4.
Change-Id: Ic860f44d44388d518fb7c8509c2c23aeb649c8d3
Rens Admiraal


08:36 Revision 06320297: Merge "[+TASK] Cleanup and small improvements to Interceptors"
Sebastian Kurfuerst


09:11 Revision b0c7516e: Merge "[+BUGFIX] (ViewHelper): Fix file upload"
Karsten Dambekalns


16:32 Revision f1b5c2fb: [+BUGFIX] (ViewHelper): Fix file upload
* If a property mapping error occurred, the Upload ViewHelper
serializes the previously sent Resource object into t...
Sebastian Kurfuerst
12:56 Revision 4329b83e: [BUGFIX] WidgetContext: Configuration is of type \ArrayAccess, not an array
The WidgetContext assumes the widget configuration to
be an array, what is false under all circumstances as
is is of ...
Stephan Schuler


18:00 Revision 413019cd: [+TASK] Widget Configuration split into Ajax and Non-Ajax Widget Configuration
For now this is internal, but this could be part of the public API lateron.
The change now is backwards-compatible.
Sebastian Kurfuerst


13:40 Revision 1c093afb: [+TASK] Cleanup and small improvements to Interceptors
Interceptors now also get passed the current Parsing State,
which they can use to interact with the tree. This can be...
Sebastian Kurfuerst
12:55 Revision 16f9691d: [+BUGFIX] (ViewHelpers) Adjust Form VH to introduction of Internal Request Arguments
Change-Id: I2e5f60864227db0ed1977e0f9de6776a27ae2be8
Related: #25802
Sebastian Kurfuerst

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