From 2011-05-22 to 2011-06-20


09:59 Revision 496ef09c: [TASK] Introduce new tokens for the backporter
Change-Id: If4a66df40cfbb7184c6a1f1add95878d4aeb6011 Sebastian Kurfuerst
06:44 Revision 45183e4d: [+BUGFIX] (Tests): Clean up unit tests
Move several unit tests to the right location, according to CGL
and forward-ports some unit tests from Fluid v4.
Sebastian Kurfuerst


11:53 Revision 6a1dc7aa: [TASK] non-functional changes to make backporting to v4 (again) possible
Change-Id: I9d4dfb0f5729dfb9a6c58e204f26baaf26a1f69f Sebastian Kurfuerst


09:07 Revision 4efd79c8: [TASK] Remove encoding declaration from source
The encoding declaration did not do anything useful, but it (still)
breaks PHP when compiled with zend-multibyte supp...
Karsten Dambekalns


09:31 Revision 37c2eef7: Merge "[+BUGFIX] (Widgets): Remove WidgetRequest"
Sebastian Kurfuerst


19:21 Revision e93039f5: [FEATURE] "XML" mode for the Escape Viewhelper
Fluid's Escape Viewhelper now supports a mode which only converts
the characters "<", ">" and "&" into their entity e...
Robert Lemke
17:54 Revision e5fd4c65: [+BUGFIX] (Widgets): Remove WidgetRequest
We now got rid of WidgetRequest, which was very hard to handle together
with SubRequests.
This makes Widgets run aga...
Sebastian Kurfuerst


16:17 Revision c9cb60dc: [+BUGFIX] Whitespace and comment fixes
... encountered while backporting to v4.
Change-Id: Ic860f44d44388d518fb7c8509c2c23aeb649c8d3
Rens Admiraal


08:36 Revision 06320297: Merge "[+TASK] Cleanup and small improvements to Interceptors"
Sebastian Kurfuerst

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