From 2011-05-30 to 2011-06-28


20:56 Revision ccef95db: [TASK] Use strpos(), not strstr(), to speed up TemplateParser
Faster and less memory-intensive if just checking for the presence of
one character (according to PHP-documentation)....
Stefan Neufeind


16:13 Revision 33df954e: [~TASK] Move raw ViewHelper to format.raw
Moved raw ViewHelper to format subpackage and marked
exisitng raw ViewHelper deprecated.
Change-Id: I18baaee80db9e53...
Bastian Waidelich
10:51 Revision bc64d1e8: [+FEATURE] Support target type "text" to Escape View Helper
This adds the target type "text" to the Escape View Helper which comes
handy when you're trying to convert some HTML ...
Robert Lemke
07:02 Revision 2a51123b: [TASK] (ViewHelpers): Add Backporting token
Change-Id: Ic39d37a475c0bba0c190d08901bf1654d6db4407 Sebastian Kurfuerst


09:59 Revision 496ef09c: [TASK] Introduce new tokens for the backporter
Change-Id: If4a66df40cfbb7184c6a1f1add95878d4aeb6011 Sebastian Kurfuerst
06:44 Revision 45183e4d: [+BUGFIX] (Tests): Clean up unit tests
Move several unit tests to the right location, according to CGL
and forward-ports some unit tests from Fluid v4.
Sebastian Kurfuerst


11:53 Revision 6a1dc7aa: [TASK] non-functional changes to make backporting to v4 (again) possible
Change-Id: I9d4dfb0f5729dfb9a6c58e204f26baaf26a1f69f Sebastian Kurfuerst


09:07 Revision 4efd79c8: [TASK] Remove encoding declaration from source
The encoding declaration did not do anything useful, but it (still)
breaks PHP when compiled with zend-multibyte supp...
Karsten Dambekalns


09:31 Revision 37c2eef7: Merge "[+BUGFIX] (Widgets): Remove WidgetRequest"
Sebastian Kurfuerst


19:21 Revision e93039f5: [FEATURE] "XML" mode for the Escape Viewhelper
Fluid's Escape Viewhelper now supports a mode which only converts
the characters "<", ">" and "&" into their entity e...
Robert Lemke
17:54 Revision e5fd4c65: [+BUGFIX] (Widgets): Remove WidgetRequest
We now got rid of WidgetRequest, which was very hard to handle together
with SubRequests.
This makes Widgets run aga...
Sebastian Kurfuerst

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