From 2011-07-03 to 2011-08-01


14:44 Revision bb7447aa: Merge "[+FEATURE] Add padding-type to PaddingViewHelper"
Sebastian Kurfuerst
14:34 Revision cda0310f: [BUGFIX] ViewHelper: Make SelectViewHelper use property paths as arguments
The SelectViewHelper now uses ObjectAccess::getPropertyPath instead of
ObjectAccess::getProperty to resolve its param...
Stefan Neufeind


09:14 Revision 928c1b4a: [TASK] Removing Fluid Manual
... as it has now been converted to ReST and moved to FLOW3/Documentation.git ..
Change-Id: Ieb210a85cda6fa0ca464e4c...
Sebastian Kurfuerst


14:26 Revision 6e3ff2e9: [TASK] Remove api annotation from deprecated textbox ViewHelper
Change-Id: Ib25d2cd6cd915736c53e01da9a520f84a867fc03 Bastian Waidelich
13:23 Revision 8ac27daf: Merge "[BUGFIX] Revert default form error class to "f3-form-error""
Sebastian Kurfuerst
13:22 Revision 50c3e8c0: Merge "[BUGFIX] Disable escaping interceptor in debug ViewHelper"
Sebastian Kurfuerst
13:22 Revision 7accc51f: Merge "[BUGFIX] Whitespace fixes"
Sebastian Kurfuerst
13:22 Revision 1541e8a6: Merge "[TASK] Remove Raw ViewHelper"
Sebastian Kurfuerst
11:58 Revision 9a0b82d7: [BUGFIX] Whitespace fixes
Non-behavioral change replaces leading spaces by tabs
Change-Id: I088bab180de3060179f10a153cfe5c1998dd39ec
Bastian Waidelich
11:21 Revision d48955ee: [TASK] Remove Raw ViewHelper
This is deprecated since a month. Please use format.raw instead.
Change-Id: I1b59ca6fbf16b42c9b6fb9fd53d9605b96ab5f0e
Bastian Waidelich
11:20 Revision d046ba8c: [BUGFIX] Disable escaping interceptor in debug ViewHelper
Change-Id: I94e23715a4d929d6263adf1db268cd79cd10c328 Bastian Waidelich
11:19 Revision 3620d848: [BUGFIX] replace "var" keyword by "protected" in format ViewHelpers
...and blushing for shame
Change-Id: I7ce64424552bd8bb2fc513fe8848c477356adeba
Bastian Waidelich
11:04 Revision eaf2daea: [BUGFIX] Revert default form error class to "f3-form-error"
This was changed to "typo3-form-error" with the vendor namespace
adjustments unintentionally.
Additionally this remov...
Bastian Waidelich


09:36 Revision 45f33401: [+TASK] Split escape ViewHelper into dedicated format ViewHelpers
This change creates a dedicated ViewHelper for all formats the
Escape ViewHelper supported.
This also marks the Escap...
Bastian Waidelich
09:24 Revision 5dee7c61: Merge "[BUGFIX] Deactivate EscapeInterceptor for certain ViewHelpers"
Sebastian Kurfuerst
09:22 Revision e52fc89a: [BUGFIX] Deactivate EscapeInterceptor for certain ViewHelpers
This change deactivates automatic escaping for ViewHelpers that rely
on the raw value.
Change-Id: Iebabe42e5f0d674f4...
Bastian Waidelich


21:37 Revision 5e4fbb17: Merge "[!!!][+FEATURE] Added a reserved variable {_all} returning all template variables"
Sebastian Kurfuerst
21:35 Revision bc891071: [!!!][+FEATURE] Added a reserved variable {_all} returning all template variables
This is especially helpful for passing all arguments
to a partial, using
<f:render partial="..." arguments="{_all}" /...
Sebastian Kurfuerst


20:49 Revision 3e9f514a: Merge "[BUGFIX] Paginate Widget does not highlight current page"
Bastian Waidelich


08:59 Revision 8d7a775b: [TASK] Adjust unit tests to new MVC\Request hierarchy
Change-Id: I5e904d48a5bad51e8074aa1894cbb94acf96ccf6
Relates: #25886
Robert Lemke


23:12 Revision e7ae2aab: [+FEATURE] Add padding-type to PaddingViewHelper
Allow passing third parameter for "left", "right" or "both".
Also add a small fix to the php-doc.
Change-Id: I129a20...
Lars Malach


10:18 Revision fca5d265: [BUGFIX] Paginate Widget does not highlight current page
The "isCurrent" property of a page is not set correctly for certain
pages because the PaginationController fails to c...
Bastian Waidelich
09:48 Revision 3145bf0d: [BUGFIX] Original Query is modified with every autocomplete request
In the autocompleteAction of the Autocomplete widget constraints are
added to the query that is fetched from $objects...
Bastian Waidelich


11:21 Revision 0d411299: [BUGFIX] DebugViewHelper doesn't use correct Vendor-Namespace
Changed namespaces to correct vendor namespace.
Change-Id: I33b8ff6b6ec3217b32a49cf15d81b22f826e184a
Resolves: #27968
Thomas Layh

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