From 2012-09-22 to 2012-10-21


10:03 Revision e9a21a49: [!!!][FEATURE] I18n support for uri.resource VH in Fluid
This adds the (already documented) localization of resources to the
uri.resource VH. Any path will be localized if po...
Karsten Dambekalns


19:01 Revision 913272d4: [BUGFIX] Fluid should depend on the composer installer
Change-Id: I7871fdeec47207164833e0ac5b8ba8bde4ac83b0 Sebastian Kurfuerst
18:33 Revision 284e8f86: [TASK] Adjust to FLOW3 renamed to TYPO3 Flow
Adjusts the code, comments, documentation as needed.
Change-Id: I5536b2d3d0e278260e8f4a9b238aea45d7371163
Related: #...
Karsten Dambekalns


21:37 Revision 45a3117d: [TASK] Update composer type to new naming scheme
In accordance with the rename to TYPO3 Flow, the
composer-type is now 'typo3-flow-*'
Change-Id: I2a66f93fb339d9195f4...
Christian Jul Jensen


18:50 Revision 56822145: [TASK] Change dependency to require flow3/composer-installers
Change-Id: Ie48d1a608c153b8f5f37a9b518b02d52c0c388d2 Christian Jul Jensen
14:55 Revision 8061eeb3: [TASK] Use composer version of installers
Change-Id: Ic37862ca2efad87927b0c7e3d901ab09c6e0f303 Christian Jul Jensen
13:58 Revision 4449c2aa: [TASK] Add christianjul/installers dependency
Change-Id: I7182993c8c2f83c6398c716535789ff0bff1a085
Related: #41031
Releases: 1.2
Karsten Dambekalns

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