From 2012-12-13 to 2013-01-11


09:48 Bug #37543: Additional __identity field when using TYPO3.Media solves this problem! Michel Albers


18:45 Feature #44235: prependOption for SelectViewHelper
I really like the idea and I have my own select viewhelper providing a similar functionality. The only thing I'm unsu... Alexander Berl
18:11 Feature #43457: Cacheable partials
Actually, I prefer the CacheViewHelper solution, as it is much more flexible and allows for whole templates or just s... Alexander Berl
15:36 Bug #44376 (Resolved): Paginate widget throws exception
Applied in changeset commit:fd3ff0418b46bfb529d8ab7386dcab95326826a6. Bastian Waidelich
13:39 Bug #44376 (Resolved): Paginate widget throws exception
With #43589 the action argument of link/URI ViewHelpers is not optional any longer (except for AJAX widget links/URIs... Bastian Waidelich


15:23 Bug #44250 (Resolved): Broken paginator widget - explicit definition of action-argument is required
Some changes in TYPO3.Flow and the UriBuilder require to explicitly define an action when building an Uri. The pagina... Martin Brüggemann


15:20 Feature #44235 (Resolved): prependOption for SelectViewHelper
There is a continous demand for prepending the options list of a select box with a kind of 'empty' option.
Extbase f...
Anja Leichsenring
14:47 Bug #44234 (Under Review): selectViewHelper's sorting does not respect locale collation
extbase fluid goes fixing this bug (find the issue at, this should be the same f... Anja Leichsenring


00:37 Bug #44140 (Resolved): Unlucky JavaScript syntax can break inline tags
After troubleshooting a problem with econic, we have found an issue that can break the parsing of inline tags. The pr... Aske Ertmann

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