From 2013-01-30 to 2013-02-28


14:53 Revision 9c58d28b: [TASK] Remove dependency on installer
Rely on implicit dependency through TYPO3.Flow
Change-Id: I8a80c23c995dd3b76e8ab5187df3330e96e3603d
Releases: 2.0, m...
Christian Jul Jensen


18:07 Revision 4c58955f: [FEATURE] Configurable prepend option for Select ViewHelper
A common use case with select fields is to have a 'empty' option at
first position in the options list.
This change p...
Bastian Waidelich


10:54 Revision f988260b: [BUGFIX] Fix broken TemplateViewTest
The test was broken by I6f31adc1bd493f2c818b532b2394a774c17f24b7
when some imported class names were made fully quali...
Karsten Dambekalns


13:26 Revision ba3780fe: Merge "[TASK] Add placeholder attribute to password ViewHelper"
Christian Müller
12:28 Revision 6b5f0d05: [FEATURE] Allow f:link.action to operate on parent request
Add an useParentRequest argument to link.action, uri.action,
and form ViewHelpers to generate links using the Parent
Marc Neuhaus


18:18 Revision 725a5521: [TASK] Fix some CGL issues spotted during backporting (part2)
This patch fixes some CGL problems spotted while
syncing Flow Fluid and TYPO3 CMS Fluid
Also removed unneeded backpor...
Tymoteusz Motylewski


13:28 Revision c8089da1: [TASK] Add placeholder attribute to password ViewHelper
As a follow-up to I24bb73c5de5a494259171ff289d434892f85e16e,
this also adds the placeholder attribute to the password...
Adrian Föder


20:45 Revision 5834d218: Merge "[TASK] Make getTemplateRootPath() public like its setter"
Sebastian Kurfuerst


10:12 Revision 5e10ef28: [TASK] Fix CGL in TemplateParser
This patch fixes some CGL violations found in TemplateParser
Change-Id: I92648499f6c17dac63427ebdf0f28f83a52eda4e
Tymoteusz Motylewski
10:09 Revision 62f0fbd8: [TASK] Fix CGL issues in AbstractViewHelper
This patch fixes some CGL issues found in AbstractViewHelper
founded when backporting fluid to TYPO3 CMS
Change-Id: ...
Tymoteusz Motylewski
01:22 Revision 51fade4f: Merge "[!!!][BUGFIX] urlencode viewhelper accepts objects with __toString"
Sebastian Kurfuerst
01:21 Revision c2614209: Merge "[TASK] Fix some CGL issues spotted during backporting"
Sebastian Kurfuerst

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