From 2013-04-26 to 2013-05-25


14:52 Revision 48e3cf06: [TASK] Optimize number_format calls
This change optimizes number_format calls in ViewHelpers by
explicitly casting the number argument to float.
A benchm...
Alexander Berl


09:15 Revision e3736a88: [FEATURE] Allow f:link.action to operate on parent request
Add an useParentRequest argument to link.action, uri.action,
and form ViewHelpers to generate links using the Parent
Marc Neuhaus
09:06 Revision 1779aeb9: [BUGFIX] Declare ObjectManager property
The objectManager is injected and used but the property is not
declared in the class.
Fixes: #47968
Change-Id: Ia918...
Christian Müller

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