From 2014-07-28 to 2014-08-26


16:36 Revision e275eeb8: Merge "[TASK] Bring format viewhelpers in line with each other"
Christian Müller
11:31 Revision ccce4326: [TASK] Adjust to Symfony dom-crawler change
Attributes that do not exist now return NULL instead of an empty string.
Change-Id: I0d564457e92fca69eb2962f06f2b6a1...
Karsten Dambekalns
10:11 Revision 0dbb37e1: Merge "[BUGFIX] Support for ViewHelper usage within layout tags" into 2.2
Christian Mueller
08:09 Revision 4f423a61: Merge "[BUGFIX] Allow ViewHelperVariableContainer to hold NULL values" into 2.2
Christian Mueller
07:06 Revision 0d782574: [BUGFIX] Allow ViewHelperVariableContainer to hold NULL values
``ViewHelperVariableContainer::exists()`` checks whether a specified
key is set via ``isset()`` which leads to the be...
Bastian Waidelich


16:18 Revision 2b184e1a: [TASK] Bring format viewhelpers in line with each other
This change makes HtmlentitiesViewHelper scope prototype and
makes most format ViewHelpers compilable by implementing...
Alexander Berl
11:43 Revision b474d245: [BUGFIX] Resolve duplicate layout and partial compilations
Layouts and partials are independent of the current controller and hence should
not have the controller name in their...
Alexander Berl


17:51 Revision 6859bd7c: [FEATURE] Allow custom CLDR formatting for localized date
This feature adds the ``cldrFormat`` argument to the date format
ViewHelper. If given it will take precedence over th...
Christian Müller


21:55 Revision 9744e768: [!!!][BUGFIX] Enforce escaping on string-casted objects
This change assures that the escape interceptor is active for objects
that are casted to strings implicitly.
Bastian Waidelich


15:04 Revision e8f8faf2: [TASK] Use less mock objects in AbstractWidget* tests
This change contains cosmetical improvements and lets the
AbstractWidgetControllerTest and AbstractWidgetViewHelperTe...
Robert Lemke
11:04 Revision 454429a0: Merge "[FEATURE] Sort options by translated label"
Robert Lemke


11:53 Revision 594a8dd3: [TASK] Adjust to "HTTP components for handling requests"
This change replaces the ``AjaxWidgetRoutingAspect`` by a custom
HTTP component that intercepts AJAX widget requests....
Bastian Waidelich
11:52 Revision 7fd9072f: [TASK] Adjust to "Flexible parsing of request body arguments"
This adjusts ``StandaloneView``, the ``AjaxWidgetRoutingAspect``
and tests to recent changes in Flow that affect the ...
Bastian Waidelich


17:15 Revision 87738bc0: [FEATURE] Sort options by translated label
When option label translation is used together with sorting by label,
this will now translate first and sort afterwar...
Karsten Dambekalns

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