From 2014-08-29 to 2014-09-27


22:17 Task #53805: Optimization in AbstractViewHelper
Patch set 2 for branch *master* of project *Packages/TYPO3.Fluid* has been pushed to the review server.
It is availab...
Gerrit Code Review
22:17 Revision c3911bde: [TASK] Defer variable-initialization in AbstractViewHelper
Tweaks ``AbstractViewHelper::validateArguments()`` by deferring
a variable initialization until it's really used.
Wouter Wolters


07:31 Bug #47006: widget identifier are not unique
In the fluid package in Typo3 FLow 2.2.2, this behaviour has been changed. There it is possible to pass the widgetId ... Kevin Jäck


10:44 Bug #47006: widget identifier are not unique
Christoph Bauer wrote:
> currently widget identifiers are unique only within the scope of a single plugin, but not t...
Kevin Jäck


18:33 Revision 5aed6237: [BUGFIX] Template cache not flushed for partials and layouts
When modifying files in the Partials and Layout folders, the
template cache isn't flushed automatically in developmen...
Aske Ertmann


11:25 Bug #52536: Errorclass not set if no property-attribute set
After reading the patch comments this seams to belong to the TYPO3.Fluid team. Alexander Opitz
11:24 Bug #52536 (New): Errorclass not set if no property-attribute set
Alexander Opitz


13:47 Revision ee58b211: [BUGFIX] Make Format.Crop VH multibyte safe
This makes use of Flow's unicode utility functions
to allow multibyte-safe operations with the
format.crop ViewHelper...
Adrian Föder

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