From 2015-01-05 to 2015-02-03


11:05 Bug #27516: Translate labels in paginate widget
Patch set 4 for branch *master* of project *Packages/TYPO3.Fluid* has been pushed to the review server.
It is availab...
Gerrit Code Review


12:38 Revision 6f3f9030: [FEATURE] "account" option for security.ifHasRole view helper
This change introduces a new option "account" for the ifHasRole view
helper which allows for specifying an account ot...
Robert Lemke


09:00 Feature #46257: Add escape sequence support for Fluid
@Hannes: An escaped opening brace \{ can immediately be followed by another opening brace (for the variable). So imho... Stefan Neufeind


14:27 Revision 0a60c85b: [TASK] Allow registering namespaces multiple times unless there are conflicts
Currently the ``TemplateParser`` throws an exception if the same
namespace identifier is registered multiple times.
Bastian Waidelich

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