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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version Has patch
65424 Bug Under Review Should have SelectViewHelper must respect option(Value|Label)Field for arrays ViewHelpers No
62346 Feature New Could have f:comment should have high precende Core TYPO3 Flow Base Distribution - 3.x No
60856 Bug New Must have Target attribute not supported by the form viewhelper ViewHelpers Yes
60271 Feature New Should have Paginate viewhelper, should also support arrays No
60181 Feature New Could have Caching mechanism for Fluid Views/Templates View No
60003 Feature New Should have Add required-Attribute to f:form.password ViewHelpers No
59057 Bug Under Review Must have Hidden empty value fields shoud be disabled when related field is disabled Bastian Waidelich ViewHelpers No
58983 Bug New Should have does not respect linebreaks and throws exception No
58921 Bug New Should have f:form.* VHs crash if NOT inside f:form but followed by f:form No
58862 Bug Needs Feedback Should have FormViewHelper doesn't accept NULL as value for $arguments Bastian Waidelich ViewHelpers Yes
57885 Bug New Must have Inputs are cleared from a second form if the first form produced a vallidation error No
56237 Task New Should have in-line (Condition)ViewHelpers should not evaluate on parsing No
55008 Bug Under Review Should have Interceptors should be used in Partials Christian Müller No
54284 Bug New Should have Default Option for Switch/Case VH ViewHelpers No
54195 Task New Should have Rename and move FormViewHelper's errorClass value, currently 'f3-form-error' Adrian Föder ViewHelpers No
53806 Bug Under Review Should have Paginate widget maximumNumberOfLinks rendering wrong number of links Bastian Waidelich Widgets No
52640 Feature Under Review Should have Create an UnlessViewHelper as opposite to the IfViewHelper Marc Neuhaus No
52591 Bug New Should have The Pagination Widget broken for joined objects No
52536 Bug Under Review Should have Errorclass not set if no property-attribute set
52419 Bug New Should have Wrong PHPDocs notation for default value inline f:translate viewhelper TYPO3 Flow Base Distribution - 2.0 No
51277 Feature New Should have ViewHelper context should be aware of actual file occurrence No
51239 Bug Under Review Must have AbstractViewHelper use incorrect method signature for "$this->systemLogger->log()" Adrian Föder Core Yes
51100 Feature New Must have Links with absolute URI should have the option of URI Scheme ViewHelpers No
50888 Bug Under Review Should have WSOD by changing name of section and if Fluid caches are generated No
49756 Feature Under Review Should have Select values by array key in checkbox viewhelper No
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