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Revision 0dc2ce23


Added by Robert Lemke about 13 years ago

This commit mostly consists of speed optimizations.

  • FLOW3: (AOP) Fixed a few pointcut filters which crashed while trying to match against an automatically created constructor which didn't existing originally in the target class.
  • FLOW3: (AOP) The ProxyClassBuilder won't add a __wakeup() method to each proxy class anymore. Instead such a method must be introduced manually.
  • FLOW3: (Object) Removed the check for abstract classes in the Object Manager's registerObject() method. It's still not allowed to do that but omitting the check means less use of reflection = more speed and PHP will complain about the abstract class anyway.
  • FLOW3: (Object) Optimized the use of the reflection service in the Object Manager's registerObject() method.* FLOW3: (Cache) The FileBackend now logs if entries are set instead of removed. Still not the final solution (for logging in general that is)
  • FLOW3: (Object) Optimized the instantiation of classes in the ObejctBuilder: The use of ReflectionClass::newInstanceArgs() is now avoided in most cases
  • FLOW3: (Object) !!! changed the name of the autowiring setting: it is now "autowiring" instead of "autoWiringMode"
  • FLOW3: (Reflection) Optimized the caching of reflection data: All classes which were reflected after the cache has been loaded will be added to the cache during shutdown. Therefore they will be available earlier on the next script run.
  • FLOW3: (Reflection) The reflection service now logs important actions for debugging.
  • FLOW3: (Log) Enabled the Production log by default (see .../Data/Logs/FLOW3_Production.log)
  • FLOW3: Switched autowiring off for a few objects which are loaded at a time when the Reflection Service is not yet initialized and therefore costy to use.
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