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Added by Bastian Waidelich over 10 years ago

[FEATURE] (Core): Stateless AJAX Widgets

Currently an AJAX Widget stores the WidgetContext in the
WidgetContextHolder which again puts it in the current user
This change adds a property "stateless" to the
AbstractWidgetViewHelper. If that's TRUE, the widget context
won't be stored in the session anymore. Instead, the
WidgetRequestBuilder then expects the "internal argument"
__widgetContext to be specified (with a valid HMAC appended).

The Widget Link/Uri-Viewhelpers now add the serialized and
HMAC'ed WidgetContext to the generated URI if the new argument
"includeWidgetContext" is set.

Besides this change renames the widgetId argument from
"typo3-fluid-widget-id" to "__widgetId" as discussed.
Note: This would be a breaking change, if you relied on that
specific GET argument (which is however very unlikely)!

Lastly the WidgetRequestBuilder now interprets merged GET + POST
arguments instead of relying on GET only. This makes it possible
to pass the widgetId/Context via POST.

Change-Id: I3d4e06a1823786f23fc7ce5ef0b179d625abccff
Resolves: #31167
Release: 1.1

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