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Revision 305a2790


Added by Karsten Dambekalns almost 10 years ago

[FEATURE] Add translation support to SelectViewHelper

The change adds support for translation of the options labels
produced in SelectViewHelper.

The view helper can be given a "translate" argument with
configuration on how to translate option labels. The array
can have the following keys:

- "by" defines if translation by message id or original
label is to be used ("id" or "label")
- "using" defines if the option tag's "value" or "label"
should be used as translation input, defaults to "value"
- "locale" defines the locale identifier to use, optional,
defaults to current locale
- "source" defines the translation source name, optional,
defaults to "Main"
- "package" defines the package key of the translation source,
optional, defaults to current package
- "prefix" optionally defines a prefix to use for the message id

Change-Id: If05bcb282cbabfb1dd69d6c1f4d804726d541de6
Resolves: #34232
Releases: 1.1

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