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Added by Sebastian Kurfuerst over 12 years ago

  • [+FEAT] Fluid (Core): Implemented a simple Expression Language which is used for boolean ViewHelper arguments. The language supports statements of the form "XX Comparator YY", where Comparator is one of ==, %, >, >=, <, <= and XX/YY are an Object Accessor, an array, a ViewHelper or a number (NO string!). This expression language can be used always inside all boolean arguments of ViewHelpers. (fixes #3298)
  • [+MISC] Fluid (Core): Added some comments to ObjectAccessorPostProcessorInterface
  • [-FEAT] Fluid (ViewHelpers): Removed <f:exp.equals> ViewHelper. Please use the new expression language now. THIS WILL BREAK YOUR TEMPLATE.
  • Fluid (Documentation): Added a section about boolean expressions
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