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Added by Sebastian Kurfuerst over 11 years ago

[+BUGFIX] Fluid (Core): Performance Improvements of Resource Interceptor

While profiling FLOW3, I noticed that about 10% of the total execution time
are spent in preg_match, inside the Resource Interceptor. That's why I optimized
this a little, in the following ways:

  • Reformatted the Regular Expression to make it more readable
  • Replaced "../" inside the regular expression by "\.\./", as we want to
    match the literal string "../", and not "[character][character]/"
  • Added an early return in the resource interceptor if the string "Public/"
    was not found, and thus the regular expression will never match. This
    has the effect of a drastical performance improvement.

The profiling results are attached to the issue, so have a look there.

Change-Id: Ibb83f6c148344e7642aff9dd70a065d8f7b8cd32
Resolves: #12204

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