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Added by Bastian Waidelich almost 9 years ago

[FEATURE] Fallback paths

With this change it will be possible to define multiple values
for the ``template``, ``partial`` and ``layout`` root path configuration.

Each of the respective options will now have a corresponding setter
that enables configuration of multiple paths to look up when loading a
Fluid template file::

$view->setTemplateRootPaths(array('first/path', 'second/path', …));

The old setters will be kept and they overrule the fallback paths. So::


would disable the fallback paths of the previous example. The same is true
for ``setPartialRootPath()`` and ``setLayoutRootPath()``.

The rootPath-getters have been deprecated in favor of
``getTemplateRootPaths()``, ``getPartialRootPaths()`` and

Change-Id: I530e9a1fadbbd210c980c62cf2022c38fa81bb56
Resolves: #39870
Releases: master

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