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Revision c6a5191e


Added by Bastian Waidelich about 13 years ago

  • major cleanup and refactoring of core and view helper classes & comments
  • added validation for boolean arguments in AbstractViewHelper
  • improved boolean type conversion for arguments in ViewHelperNode.
    A boolean argument is TRUE when it
    a) is a string that is not empty nor "false" (case insensitive)
    b) an array or instance of \Countable with count() > 0 or
    c) an object
    This needs further observation!
  • added TagBuilder class, re-wrote all tag based view helpers to use it (see form view helpers for some examples)
  • ViewHelperArguments collection got a new method "hasArgument()" that returns TRUE when the specified argument exists and is not NULL
  • Moved CropViewHelper to Format Subpackage
  • Renamed LinkViewHelper to ActionViewHelper (there might be different link-types soon)
  • Added format view helpers: crop, currency, htmlEscape, nl2br, number & printf (thanks to Sebastian & Christopher)
  • Updated ViewHelper documentation
  • note: tx_fluid backport follows
  • added
  • modified
  • copied
  • renamed
  • deleted