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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version
58200 Bug Needs Feedback Must have Cant edit items in Structure Panel without html output Christian Müller
57559 Bug New Should have jQuery UI - Default Styles Christian Müller
55412 Bug New Should have in backend module toggles the menu onclick JavaScript
55356 Bug New Should have priority is not working as expected
55335 Bug New Must have Auto creating child nodes can fail due to missing NULL check
54647 Feature New Should have "New site" should generate TS-object-template folder by default
54638 Bug New Should have Uncaught exception #1291371910: Paths must not contain two consecutive slashes
54637 Feature New Should have "New site" should generate Public resource folder by default
54424 Feature New Should have Editor bar cannot be extended UI
54338 Feature On Hold Should have Drag and drop for the intuitive content positioning UI
54336 Bug Accepted Should have Preview "Print" ends up blank, no way to get back
54334 Task Under Review Should have Hiding a page sets content item icon 'hidden' state active as well Tim Kandel
53822 Feature New Should have Show nice error page for inaccessible nodes
53559 Task New Should have Fine tune page redirection after pasting a node
53318 Feature New Could have Configuration to automatically reload the page if a new content element is added
53265 Bug New Could have 'window.webkitStorageInfo' is deprecated (ContentModule-built.js:299)
53264 Bug New Should have Overlapping click events on an element in the structure sidebar Frontend
52918 Feature New Should have TYPO3 Neos detailed system requirements
52511 Feature New Should have More graceful degradation of broken content elements Base Distribution - 1.0 beta 1
52462 Feature New Should have Include own UI elements to the inspector
52403 Task New Should have New User form should refill fields on validation error
50928 Task New Should have Internal arguments in plugin requests documentation Base Distribution - 1.0 alpha 6
48679 Bug Under Review Should have menu and button style wrong in own backend module Simon Schaufelberger UI
48424 Feature Needs Feedback Should have NodeTypes: Create a simple "EmbeddedNode"-Type Berit Hlubek
48422 Feature New Should have Inspector: NodeType properties inside unknown groups are not shown
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