From 2012-10-30 to 2012-11-28


00:09 Bug #43366 (Accepted): Misleading error message if "expect" is not available
I tried to deploy an application to a remote server and the process always failed with a bold red error message (the ... Mario Rimann


01:12 Bug #43125: Adjust Task to use build
Somehow, the title of the issue was cropped... I meant use buildessentials :-) Cedric Ziel
01:11 Bug #43125 (Rejected): Adjust Task to use build
For now, UnitTestTask looks like:... Cedric Ziel


12:05 Revision f95422f0: [!!!][TASK] Adjustments for rebranding and renaming
* FLOW3 is now called TYPO3 Flow
* TYPO3/Phoenix is now called Neos
* rename and reorganize the Application templates...
Tobias Liebig


09:46 Feature #42055: Support git submodules inside git submodules
Patch set 1 for branch *master* has been pushed to the review server.
It is available at
Gerrit Code Review


21:08 Bug #41893: Could not retrieve sha1 of git branch master
It's an indirect issue not only for Surf...
You have to add the keys properly on all hosts.
So for example:
Cedric Ziel

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