From 2013-05-25 to 2013-06-23


18:26 Feature #49362: pipe stdout to another process in ShellCommandService
Patch set 1 for branch *master* has been pushed to the review server.
It is available at
Gerrit Code Review
17:59 Feature #49362 (Rejected): pipe stdout to another process in ShellCommandService
I'd love to pipe the stdout of my process run via ShellCommandService to another process. In my case, I'd lik...
Felix Oertel


16:35 Revision 482e1fb2: [!!!][TASK] Remove setfilepermissions task from default setup
The "Flow" Application no longer includes the flow:setfilepermissions
task by default, if needed it has to be added t...
Karsten Dambekalns
16:35 Revision e4a47d1c: [TASK] Code cleanup in InstallTask and ShellTask
Extract some methods and make path replacements cleaner.
Change-Id: I6589ebe3654f5f93e74d2c60c4701a6cfdeabdfc
Karsten Dambekalns
16:33 Revision 2b7d957e: [TASK] Tweak API for task manipulation
This change adds beforeStage() and afterStage() to Workflow.
Some cleanup is done as well.
Change-Id: I628c2e703596...
Karsten Dambekalns


18:51 Bug #48652 (Resolved): Copying configuration fails for files in subdirectories
When a file should be copied to a subdirectory of @Configuration/*/@, e.g. for a subcontext, the scp operation fails.... Andreas Wolf


11:56 Revision 3550cf3a: [TASK] Escape commands and arguments in composer tasks
Additonally add the option "--no-progress" to prevent output of download
progress in Composer.
Change-Id: I6c29ecfaf...
Christopher Hlubek

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