From 2014-07-23 to 2014-08-21


13:19 Feature #58213: add test for commandline tool expect
Bash... Kay Strobach
12:41 Feature #49703 (Resolved): Make release/ path configurable
Applied in changeset commit:88d843fa22dc4f034fa700aa3836b754dbe630de. Lars Malach
12:26 Task #50852 (Under Review): Make Logger available as soon as possible
Patch set 2 for branch *master* of project *Packages/TYPO3.Surf* has been pushed to the review server.
It is availabl...
Gerrit Code Review
11:50 Feature #49799: Persist the SSH connection per deployment
This should be possible already with a combination of these SSH options:
With C...
Andreas Wolf
11:42 Feature #60355 (Accepted): composer: Add option to configure the --no-dev parameter
Andreas Wolf

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