From 2014-12-21 to 2015-01-19


13:09 Feature #60469 (Resolved): Initialize releaseIdentifier earlier
Christopher Hlubek
13:07 Revision 3f602357: Merge "[FEATURE] Initialize releaseIdentifier earlier"
Christopher Hlubek
11:00 Bug #64350 (Rejected): git error > remove cache retry once
During one of my projects i moved the git location, surf does not seem to recognize that, so that i had to remove the... Kay Strobach


16:47 Surf Team Meeting January 15th, 2015
*Attendees:* Martin Kutschker, Rens Admiraal, Tobias Liebig, Karsten Dambekalns, Christopher Hlubek, Helmut Hummel
Helmut Hummel


02:29 Revision b42ea163: [FEATURE] Use Symfony Process in ShellCommandService
Symfony Process is more reliable in many situations
and has a cleaner and more elaborate possiblity
to get output, er...
Helmut Hummel

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