From 2015-01-25 to 2015-02-23


09:27 Revision d9b3bae7: Merge "[FEATURE] Add task to clear the PHP opcache with a temporary script"
Christopher Hlubek
09:25 Revision 26a03fbd: [FEATURE] Add task to clear the PHP opcache with a temporary script
This change adds two new tasks that can be used to clear the opcache
after linking a new release. The script will rem...
Christopher Hlubek


18:09 Revision d3d5dc0d: [TASK] Fix custom task documentation
As the default workflow is created during the initialization it is not
available within the configuration script.
Martin Kutschker


14:57 Revision 69ae7128: [TASK] Fix too short title underline in Index.rst
Change-Id: Ie7e2b190a4a55856088c51440dfedb77b79f750f Karsten Dambekalns
14:35 Revision de841db2: [TASK] Tweak Index.rst a bit, add Documentation/Settings.yml
Change-Id: Ia821d487d56b71705d5660a22a844bf236c799ac Karsten Dambekalns


23:42 Bug #48652 (Resolved): Copying configuration fails for files in subdirectories
Applied in changeset commit:120f29af1f74ee6faa9d5a40404c9158dc1433f0. Anonymous
23:41 Revision 20745bb0: Merge "[BUGFIX] Copying config fails for subdirectories"
Dominique Feyer

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