From 2015-06-23 to 2015-07-22


21:09 Bug #68450: Installation with composer
I finally found the right command: ... Romain Seignez


23:21 Bug #68450 (Closed): Installation with composer
I have an error when I try to install with composer. (composer require typo3/surf:dev-master)
Romain Seignez


20:42 Revision ee3facab: [TASK] Remove whitespace from default Application Name
Using the default Application Name with whitespaces,
can lead to problems with the deployment in Jenkins,
because thi...
Markus Goldbeck


16:54 Revision 3306d7e2: [TASK] Add a task to flush specific cache on deployment
This change add FlushCacheListTask. This task work only for Flow >=
2.3 and support clearing one or multiple cache. T...
Dominique Feyer


16:37 Bug #60270: Task/Git/TagTask doesn't work with transfer method rsync
Patch set 2 for branch *master* of project *Packages/TYPO3.Surf* has been pushed to the review server.
It is availabl...
Gerrit Code Review


09:16 Revision d90cba5d: Merge "[TASK] Add branch alias"
Helmut Hummel


12:06 Revision 7f1a7f40: [FEATURE] Added ignoreErrors and logOutput options to RunCommand
As in the shell task it is now possible to ignore errors and disable
log output for Flow commands.
Change-Id: I9652f...
Sören Rohweder
11:46 Revision 4e7eef98: Merge "[BUGFIX] CopyConfigurationTask failed with custom port"
Christopher Hlubek


13:22 Bug #67692: wrong ssh port option
The following works
$sshPort = $node->hasOption('port') ? '-p ' . escapeshellarg($node->getOption('port')) : '';
Christoph Lehmann
12:50 Bug #67692 (Resolved): wrong ssh port option
ssh has -p and sc...
Christoph Lehmann

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