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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version
50664 Task New Should have check for unresolved TODOs in the code Actions
50663 Feature New Should have support scp transfer Actions
50662 Feature New Should have support ftp transfer Actions
50661 Bug New Should have documentation Actions
50659 Task New Should have Unit tests Actions
50656 Task New Should have cleanup task names Actions
50655 Task New Should have check all shell->excute for correctly escaped arguments Actions
50653 Bug New Should have rsync transfer method writes empty *REVISION on remote node Actions
50652 Feature New Should have ShellCommandService: method to expand paths in commands Actions
50651 Task New Should have Add @api annotations Actions
50650 Task New Should have Provide better error messages Actions
50649 Feature New Should have command to kickstart a new configuration Actions
50647 Task New Should have refactor addTask method argument order Actions
50646 Task New Should have adding tasks: make use of afterStage instead of afterTask Actions
50644 Feature New Should have helper setter for common options Actions
50642 Feature New Should have Create new ComposerApplication Actions
50641 Feature New Should have Make simple deployment description as slim as possible Actions
50640 Feature New Should have refactor DeploymentService > DeploymentRepository Actions
50639 Feature New Should have support SVN Actions
49702 Feature New Should have Make all options overrideable Actions
47727 Bug New Must have Array merge in Workflow works not as expected Actions
41830 Bug New Should have Workflow-simulation fails on new nodes during cleanup task Actions
40292 Task New Should have CopyConfigurationTask should not use scp when doing local copies Actions
71359 Feature Accepted Should have Packaging should not be executed for each node Actions
61503 Feature Accepted Should have Set deploymentPath on a per node-base Actions
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