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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version
45072 Bug Closed -- undefined -- Possible error with git submodules Actions
43125 Bug Rejected Won't have this time Adjust Task to use build Actions
50554 Bug Closed Won't have this time CopyConfigurationTask does not use the node-option "password" Martin Ficzel Actions
40225 Bug Rejected Won't have this time encrypt:setup fails if Build/Surf/Keys/ does not exist Actions
37201 Bug Rejected Won't have this time setfilepermissions task should use sudo Actions
58214 Bug Rejected Should have add php-curl als requirement to composer.json Actions
67325 Bug Resolved Should have Changing repository URL breaks Git-based deployments Actions
48652 Bug Resolved Should have Copying configuration fails for files in subdirectories Actions
50661 Bug New Should have documentation Actions
62319 Bug Resolved Should have Enhance Task SymlinkConfigurationTask to use not only the Production context Actions
64350 Bug Rejected Should have git error > remove cache retry once Actions
59420 Bug Accepted Should have Make $localPackagePath configurable in RsyncTask Actions
43366 Bug Accepted Should have Misleading error message if "expect" is not available Actions
46052 Bug Resolved Should have Must support subcontext Dominique Feyer Actions
52273 Bug Accepted Should have Passwords containing a % should throw an Error Actions
64432 Bug Resolved Should have Rollback should not be done if Exception is thrown "after" switch stage Actions
50653 Bug New Should have rsync transfer method writes empty *REVISION on remote node Actions
52276 Bug Rejected Should have Task defined in an Application can't be removed for a deployment? Actions
60270 Bug Under Review Should have Task/Git/TagTask doesn't work with transfer method rsync Actions
41830 Bug New Should have Workflow-simulation fails on new nodes during cleanup task Actions
65711 Bug Resolved Should have [HAS PATCH] Escape workspacePath in LocalShellTask Actions
49973 Bug Resolved Must have add version to composer.json Actions
52468 Bug Resolved Must have allow local Actions
52033 Bug Resolved Must have An after stage task for any application is executed before a task specific for an application Christopher Hlubek Actions
47727 Bug New Must have Array merge in Workflow works not as expected Actions
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