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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version
71359 Feature Accepted Should have Packaging should not be executed for each node Actions
66505 Feature Resolved Should have Add option to specify SSH private key for nodes Actions
63330 Feature Resolved Could have Allow node/application/deployment options as options of defined tasks Actions
61505 Feature Resolved Could have Enhance CreateDirectoriesTask to create directories inside the new releasedirectory Actions
61503 Feature Accepted Should have Set deploymentPath on a per node-base Actions
60469 Feature Resolved Should have Initialize releaseIdentifier earlier Actions
60355 Feature Accepted Must have composer: Add option to configure the --no-dev parameter Actions
58642 Feature Rejected Should have Add task, which checks if there are still doctrine updates available, and if fail Actions
58213 Feature Closed Must have add test for commandline tool expect Actions
57161 Feature Rejected Won't have this time Check for sealed config files before deploying Actions
52072 Feature Accepted Won't have this time Make Port in Varnish Tasks configurable Actions
50663 Feature New Should have support scp transfer Actions
50662 Feature New Should have support ftp transfer Actions
50658 Feature Resolved Should have refactor ShellCommandService to have separated access to StdIn StdErr and StdOut Actions
50657 Feature Resolved Won't have this time rsync transfer method: add option the --exclude argument Actions
50652 Feature New Should have ShellCommandService: method to expand paths in commands Actions
50649 Feature New Should have command to kickstart a new configuration Actions
50644 Feature New Should have helper setter for common options Actions
50642 Feature New Should have Create new ComposerApplication Actions
50641 Feature New Should have Make simple deployment description as slim as possible Actions
50640 Feature New Should have refactor DeploymentService > DeploymentRepository Actions
50639 Feature New Should have support SVN Actions
50151 Feature Resolved Should have Add fetchAllTags option to GitCheckoutTask Actions
49799 Feature Rejected Won't have this time Persist the SSH connection per deployment Actions
49798 Feature Rejected Won't have this time Make PHP binary and PHP ini configurable Actions
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