From 2009-12-15 to 2010-01-13


16:59 Suggestion #6007 (New): form.dateTextbox
This could maybe be integrated into the textbox element instead of the way I did it in the attached view helper.
Nathan L


16:18 Suggestion #5949 (Needs Feedback): comment
A CommentViewHelper could be added to the standard distribution.
* @param boolean If true the comment sh...
Laurent Foulloy
10:42 Suggestion #5948: join
Perhaps an optional argument "lastBy" eases things even more:

<f:join each="{0: 'apple', 1: 'banana', 2: 'mango'}...
Martin Kutschker
10:41 Suggestion #5948 (New): join
Sometimes you want to concatenate elements as a comma separated list. Or maybe you want to put the elements in differ... Martin Kutschker

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