From 2010-02-17 to 2010-03-18


11:50 Suggestion #6327: page.title
Some additional info which I just googled for some time.
To teach 'indexed_search' which title to display in the
Thomas Deinhamer
11:43 Suggestion #6327: page.title
Tried it out and works well. Just had to figure out, that
it only works with the default title generation of TYPO3
Thomas Deinhamer


22:04 Suggestion #6526: cdata
I think it is still necessary to set a variable so that the content will not be changed.
This prevents the double q...
Tommy Seus


16:34 Suggestion #6526 (Needs Feedback): cdata
Simple, yet essential ViewHelper if you want to print out CData content (as fluid removes the CDATA start/end tags an... Nils Blattner

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