From 2010-06-29 to 2010-07-28


10:15 Suggestion #9051: DateTimeViewHelper
Both issues are changed. I always thought ... Christian Zenker
01:42 Suggestion #9051: DateTimeViewHelper
Hoi! Just my 2 cents:
* Maybe it would be better to name the method 'normalizeTimestamp' instead of 'cleanTimestam...
Thomas Deinhamer
10:13 Revision 94d0e12e: [+TASK] rewrote crappy "check if timestamp" code (suggested by Thomas
[+TASK] renamed cleanTimestamp() to normalizeTimestamp() (suggested by
Thomas Deinhamer)
Christian Zenker


15:32 Suggestion #9051 (New): DateTimeViewHelper
The current DateViewHelper has no support for localized dates so I created a version that uses strftime() to render s... Christian Zenker
15:25 Revision bd7ed4da: DateTimeViewHelper with localisation and relative dates support
Christian Zenker
11:53 Suggestion #8901: translate
Sebastian Kurfuerst wrote:
Hi Sebastian,
> Just an idea: What about creating two different ViewHelpers --
> o...
Bastian Waidelich


08:18 Suggestion #8901: translate
Hey Karol,
thanks for putting so much effort into the GSOC Project -- it's really cool to see your progress!
Sebastian Kurfuerst


11:52 Suggestion #8828: format.telephoneNumber
Any feedback on the new version?
Btw. am I allowed to submit any viewhelpers
I want, to the repository, o...
Thomas Deinhamer


17:48 Suggestion #8901: translate
Hi Bastian,
I had a feeling about the magic strings ;-). But it's not in FLOW3 CGL AFAIK.
I didn't set the defa...
Karol Gusak
17:39 Revision 0b0d2ebe: [~TASK] ViewhelperIncubator: Applied patch and adjusted test for TranslateViewHelper. Relates to #8901.
Karol Gusak


18:49 Suggestion #8901: translate
Hi Karol,
thanks for your work on the translate ViewHelper for v5!
I didn't test it yet, but some personal considera...
Bastian Waidelich
12:52 Suggestion #7653 (Resolved): calculation
The ViewHelper is now part of the Incubator distribution (v4 & v5) Bastian Waidelich


00:02 Suggestion #8828: format.telephoneNumber
Added a new version which includes some bugfixes and some minor changes/features.
The new version can convert phonew...
Thomas Deinhamer


02:00 Suggestion #8828: format.telephoneNumber
I'll add a new version soon, hopefully I have "phoneword convertion" in, by then. Thomas Deinhamer


14:07 Suggestion #8901 (Needs Feedback): translate
I just committed the TranslateViewHelper. I didn't write the v4 version as don't have knowledge in this (particularly... Karol Gusak
13:35 Suggestion #8901 (Needs Feedback): translate
The TranslateViewHelper is meant to be used for message translation in Fluid Templates.
It has two modes of work:
Karol Gusak
13:36 Revision db8e6a72: [+FEATURE] ViewhelperIncubator: Added TranslateViewHelper. Relates to #8901.
Karol Gusak


14:36 Suggestion #8882 (New): AddToHtmlHead
Just a suggestion and I don't know if it does exist already in another case; but here's a ViewHelper i've just writte... Adrian Föder


21:33 Suggestion #8828: format.telephoneNumber
Not sure how to do that,
I'm not that experienced with SVN.
Do I need to checkout a working copy?
Thomas Deinhamer
08:39 Suggestion #8828: format.telephoneNumber
Hey, you are now member of the Incubator Project, so feel free to commit it to the Incubator :-)
Sebastian Kurfuerst
09:25 Revision e31d3de5: Adding ext_emconf.php and Extension Icon to make it work as a TYPO3v4 Extension
Michael Feinbier


21:24 Suggestion #8828 (New): format.telephoneNumber
First version of the telephone format viewhelper.
Have a look at the file; the code is quite straightforward.
Thomas Deinhamer
14:07 Revision 875fb3f5: [~TASK] ViewhelperIncubator: added Package meta informations
Bastian Waidelich
13:41 Suggestion #7654 (Rejected): loop
Hi Nikolas and thanks for your feedback.
This will be possible with the extended for ViewHelper (see #6149), right?
Bastian Waidelich
13:40 Feature #6459 (Closed): Loop information inside a For loop
Hi Marc and thanks for your feedback!
I copied the comment and patch to #6149
Closing this ticket to avoid duplicat...
Bastian Waidelich


17:14 Suggestion #8779: format.filesize
Added a new version with some changes and new features.
Now it's possible to define a decimal and a thousands separa...
Thomas Deinhamer
13:29 Suggestion #8779: format.filesize
BTW: This shouldn't be read as some kind of todo list or request. I was justs collecting some tasks that should be so... Bastian Waidelich
13:27 Suggestion #8779 (Accepted): format.filesize
Looks good!
If following "issues" would be resolved, we could add this VH to the Incubator distribution:
# Class is...
Bastian Waidelich


21:01 Suggestion #8779 (Accepted): format.filesize
Attached is a basic filesize formatting viewhelper for TYPO3 v4.
It's still missing some functions like the ability ...
Thomas Deinhamer
17:53 Suggestion #7653 (Accepted): calculation
Christian Müller
16:39 Revision 5798a825: [+BUGFIX] fixed svn-externals setting of CalculationViewHelperTest (extension)
Bastian Waidelich
16:36 Revision 21e9c2f8: [+BUGFIX] fixed require statement of the CalculationViewHelperTest. Fixed some doc comments
Bastian Waidelich
13:50 Revision 9f63423f: [+TASK] added CalculationViewHelper (Extension) to svn-externals of extension "distribution"
Bastian Waidelich
13:48 Revision 45b71fc3: [+TASK] Minor cleanup and tweaks in the CalculationViewHelper (package)
[+FEATURE] Added backported Extension of CalculationViewHelper to repository Bastian Waidelich
13:31 Revision 700ffa13: [+BUGFIX] fixed svn-externals in ViewHelper "repository" folder
Bastian Waidelich
13:24 Revision 60597ab2: [+FEATURE] Added first version of a CalculationViewHelper (Package). Relates to #7653
Bastian Waidelich
13:18 Revision 085f399f
Bastian Waidelich
12:18 Revision 866fa324: Initializing project ViewhelperIncubator (4/4)
WWW User
12:18 Revision fda36ba8: Initializing project ViewhelperIncubator (3/4)
WWW User
12:18 Revision 23f88d82: Initializing project ViewhelperIncubator (1/4)
WWW User
12:18 Revision 21dd3bf8: Initializing project ViewhelperIncubator (2/4)
WWW User


00:11 Suggestion #6526: cdata
Haven't actually tested it that way, but consider that the cdata tag would probably be removed if put into the body.
Nils Blattner


14:15 Suggestion #7508: form.noFunctionButton
I think you just need to write plain html in your template to get what you want:... Christian Müller


00:12 Suggestion #5949 (Needs Feedback): comment
What usecase does it have? When would you need that? I guess for debugging or similar? Christian Müller
00:01 Suggestion #6526 (Needs Feedback): cdata
Couldn't that be done with just using the RawViewHelper? You just put the CData opener and closer into a RawViewHelpe... Christian Müller


08:59 Suggestion #7653: calculation
Cleanup version with FLOW3 basic testcase Christian Müller
03:00 Suggestion #7653: calculation
first version upload, drop into Fluid/Classes/ViewHelpers/ and see comments in file for examples.
IMPORTANT: This fil...
Christian Müller

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