From 2011-07-10 to 2011-08-08


10:45 Suggestion #28438: Viewhelper to add Javascript to <head>
This Viewhelper has only the _Extension-Folder, because I don't think that we have a $GLOBALS['TSFE'] in FLOW3 ;-) Marco Huber


23:43 Suggestion #28438: Viewhelper to add Javascript to <head>
Ups, of course this is not a bug. How can I change it to "Feature"? Marco Huber
23:34 Suggestion #28438 (New): Viewhelper to add Javascript to <head>
Put your Javascript to the <head>
As soon as I'm allowed to I will commit it to the repository.
= Examples =
Marco Huber
23:31 Suggestion #28437 (New): Viewhelper to escape quotes and remove newlines for Javascript
Removes linebreaks and escapes ' (or ").
By default ' is replaced by \', but you can set the argument
quote to say...
Marco Huber


09:45 Suggestion #28102 (New): IfContains
<c:ifContains value="15" in="{entry.feGroup}">
Searches for value in entry.feGroup
Dimitri Koenig
08:33 Suggestion #28101 (New): SetBrowserTitleViewHelper
You can overwrite the browsertitle with variables from your extension.... Mike Streibl


11:12 Feature #28013 (Rejected): ViewHelper: CdataViewHelper
duplicate sorry Jonas Felix

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