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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version Has patch
3677 Suggestion New Could have embed.javaScript No Actions
5948 Suggestion New Should have join Actions
5949 Suggestion Needs Feedback Could have comment Actions
6007 Suggestion New Could have form.dateTextbox Actions
6301 Suggestion Closed Could have Possibility to add an emptyOption No Actions
6327 Suggestion New Should have page.title Actions
6526 Suggestion Needs Feedback Should have cdata Actions
7508 Suggestion Needs Feedback Should have form.noFunctionButton Actions
7533 Suggestion New Could have building option keys with viewhelper not possible Actions
7653 Suggestion Resolved Could have calculation Bastian Waidelich Actions
7654 Suggestion Rejected Could have loop Actions
8779 Suggestion Accepted Should have format.filesize Actions
8828 Suggestion New Should have format.telephoneNumber Actions
8882 Suggestion New Could have AddToHtmlHead Actions
8901 Suggestion Needs Feedback Should have translate Karol Gusak Actions
9051 Suggestion New Should have DateTimeViewHelper No Actions
9077 Suggestion New Should have format.numberChoice Actions
9179 Suggestion New Should have Tx_Fluid_ViewHelpers_Form_RteViewHelper No Actions
9486 Suggestion New Could have breadcrumb Actions
14039 Suggestion New Should have Backend ViewHelper Tx_Sitemgr_ViewHelper_Be_Doc_AddCssFileViewHelper Actions
14040 Suggestion New Should have Tx_Sitemgr_ViewHelper_Be_Doc_AddInlineLanguageLabelFileViewHelper Actions
14041 Suggestion New Should have Tx_Sitemgr_ViewHelper_Be_Doc_AddInlineSettingArrayViewHelper Actions
14042 Suggestion New Should have Tx_Sitemgr_ViewHelper_Be_Doc_AddJsFileViewHelper Actions
14043 Suggestion New Should have Tx_Sitemgr_ViewHelper_Be_Doc_AddJsFooterFileViewHelper Actions
26929 Suggestion New Could have Inline translation Actions
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