The aim of this project is to federate the Composer effort across TYPO3 products and CMS in particular.

Our goals would be to make it possible to:

  • install TYPO3 CMS and extension Via composer
  • activate/deactivate Composer Packages in the EM
  • control everything via a new composer based EM (long term goal)

If you feel like interested in helping or following up with the topic, don't hesitate to apply. At the same time, give also a little hint about yourself.

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Fabien Udriot (fab1en)
Helmut Hummel (helhum)
Thomas Maroschik (tmaroschik)


Bastian Bringenberg (avalarion_avarres)
Bastian Guse (bguse)
Cedric Ziel (virtualmachine)
Christian Müller (kitsunet)
Christian Opitz (metti)
Felix Oertel (foertel)
Lars Malach (lars85)
Philipp Gampe (pgampe)