From 2008-06-16 to 2008-07-15


15:17 Bug #1062 (Accepted): Nested confinements are not folded properly
David Bruehlmeier
15:16 Bug #1062: Nested confinements are not folded properly
This is due to the current implementation of @org.typo3.forge.dev3.ui.editors.typoScriptEditor.TypoScriptConfinementR... David Bruehlmeier
15:09 Bug #1062 (Resolved): Nested confinements are not folded properly
Nested confinements are not folded properly in the TypoScript 2.0 editor.... David Bruehlmeier


08:59 Feature #527 (Accepted): Serveral ideas for connectivity
Integrating the filesystem can be done by the eclipse plugin TM (Target Management) Sebastian Böttger
08:58 Feature #528 (Accepted): Library Collector
Sebastian Böttger
08:58 Feature #526 (Accepted): Wizard for own Snippets
Sebastian Böttger
08:57 Feature #529 (Accepted): Syntax Feature Requests
Sebastian Böttger


11:57 Bug #883: install error
hi everybody,
i can confirm these bug. I have the same problems with the installation on my mac.
patrick lischka


13:50 Bug #883: install error
Java 6 for osx 10.5.2 is only for 64 bit intel CPUs right now...
i see if i can find Java 6 for "still normal" 32bit...
Stefano Cecere
11:16 Bug #883: install error
Hi Stefano,
you have Java version 5 installed, but I am compiling with version 6. The error in the screenshot Pict...
David Bruehlmeier
10:17 Bug #883: install error
ciao David
here it is my Eclipse configuration (attached file)
Stefano Cecere
09:43 Bug #883: install error
Hi Stefano,
can you please attach the configuration details of your Eclipse installation (Help > About Eclipse Pla...
David Bruehlmeier
08:55 Bug #883 (Accepted): install error
David Bruehlmeier
01:57 Bug #883: install error
i'm sorry but it isn't resolved..
see in the screenshots what happens when i select DEV3 in the preferences, or Cr...
Stefano Cecere


14:41 Bug #883 (Resolved): install error
David Bruehlmeier
14:37 Bug #883: install error
thanks david
installing it from it works!
Stefano Cecere
14:15 Bug #883: install error
This bug cannot be reproduced with the same Eclipse Installation, but on Windows XP.
It is true that the version n...
David Bruehlmeier
12:10 Bug #883 (Accepted): install error
feature.xml got wrong version number. fixed and now testing Sebastian Böttger
05:49 Bug #883 (Resolved): install error
i'm trying DEV3 for the first time with Eclipse (3.3.2 downloaded yesterday from
Stefano Cecere

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