From 2008-07-17 to 2008-08-15


07:56 DEV3 version 1.0.3 available
Hi all,
I have just released version 1.0.3 of DEV3.
Changes since version 1.0.2:
* The "New FLOW3 Package Wi...
David Bruehlmeier


17:56 Bug #488 (Resolved): No margins in FLOW3 preferences
David Bruehlmeier
17:19 Feature #1112 (Resolved): Multi-Language Support
Resolved with revision 1104 David Bruehlmeier


16:24 Bug #1245: TypoScript Editor / Mac: Unsupported Class Version Error
.ts files are opened by the TypoScript 1.0 editor.
The editor for TypoScript 2.0 is opened for .ts2 files.
David Bruehlmeier
15:31 Bug #1245 (New): TypoScript Editor / Mac: Unsupported Class Version Error
With DEV Version 1.0.2 I get the following error when trying to open a .ts file on my Mac:
!ENTRY org.eclipse.ui 4...
Robert Lemke


18:19 DEV3 version 1.0.2 available
Hi all,
I have found and fixed the bug which prevented the TYPO3 4.x part of DEV3 being installed. Everything shou...
David Bruehlmeier


07:39 Bug #883 (Resolved): install error
This bug should be resolved with the new version 1.0.1 (available from the update site: David Bruehlmeier


11:30 Bug #883: install error
the bug still exist in version 1.0.0
is there anybody out there who runs dev3 on a mac?
patrick lischka
00:15 Document: Master Thesis
This is the master thesis by David Brühlmeier, which was written at the University of Applied Science Berne, Switzerl...
00:13 Document: User Documentation
This is the user documentation for the FLOW3 part of DEV3 (formerly called FLOW3DE). It was written by David Brühlmei...


23:03 Major Feature #470 (Resolved): RQ022: Online Documentation
David Bruehlmeier
19:01 Feature #1113 (Resolved): Online Documentation
David Bruehlmeier


13:44 Feature #1113 (Resolved): Online Documentation
DEV3 should offer a user guide through the built-in online documentation (Help > Help Contents) David Bruehlmeier
13:40 Feature #1112 (Resolved): Multi-Language Support
DEV3 should be multi-language enabled.
Note: This does not necessarily mean that DEV3 will be translated to langua...
David Bruehlmeier
12:38 Bug #1111 (Accepted): Hovering over folded region does not show correct information
When hovering over a folded region (i.e. a confinement), the folded TypoScript should be displayed. This seems to wor... David Bruehlmeier


14:23 Bug #1100 (Resolved): Edit and Delete buttons must be disabled if no pointcut is selected
David Bruehlmeier


21:47 Bug #1100 (Resolved): Edit and Delete buttons must be disabled if no pointcut is selected
In the "New Aspect Wizard", the buttons to edit and delete a pointcut must be disabled when no pointcut is selected i... David Bruehlmeier


10:50 Major Feature #469 (Resolved): UC010: Delete Element
David Bruehlmeier
10:50 Major Feature #466 (Resolved): UC007: Edit TypoScript 2.0
David Bruehlmeier
10:50 Major Feature #465 (Resolved): UC006: Maintain Aspect
David Bruehlmeier

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