TYPO3 Documentation Team

The Doc Team keeps the documentation effort focussed the right way to provide the official documentation and support documentation-writers. More...

Repositories, Issues

Here are our "official Git repositories": GitHub TYPO3-Documentation.


(the mailing list is no longer being used)

Responsibilities of TYPO3 Documentation Team

  • Official documentation
  • ReStructured Text Infrastructure
  • Help people get started with writing documentation
  • Provide documentation about Writing Documentation
  • Answer questions in #typo3-documentation channel on Slack
  • Provide rendering of official manuals and extensions (e.g. [official Docker image](https://github.com/t3docs/docker-render-documentation))
  • Organize and do sprints
  • Promote the work / press work. (e.g. write news on docs.typo3.org)

No longer responsibility of doc team:

  • Administration of api.typo3.org
  • Administration of wiki.typo3.org
  • Support Translation of manuals

Note: In the team sprint July 28, 2018 it was decided that api.typo3.org, wiki.typo3.org and translation of manuals is no longer responsibility of documentation team. We just don't have the manpower.



Martin Bless (marble)


Daniel Siepmann (layne.obserdia)
Sybille Peters (speters)


Chris topher (chrissitopher)
Ingo Dirscherl (imueller)
Michael Schams (mschams)
Xavier Perseguers (xperseguers)

Honorary Member

Daniel Brüßler (patchworker)
Michael Stucki (stucki)


Cyrill Helg (phlogiston)
David Denicolo' (davdenic)
Dmitry Dulepov (dmitry)
Francois Suter (francois)
Georg Ringer (just2b)
kazu Hodota (hodota)
Michael Bakonyi (tantebootsy)
Michiel Roos (tuurlijk)
Virgil Huston (huston)


Gerrit Code Review (gerrit-review)