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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version
86782 Task New Should have Migration to another issue tracker
83989 Bug Accepted Should have Extension manual not rendered Martin Bless Manuals
83055 Suggestion New Should have DataHandler basics (formerly known as TCEmain): Include rules for placeholders
83014 Bug New Should have Linking to an older changelog resource does not work Documentation on
82042 Bug Needs Feedback Should have cookieconsent2 Unexpected Token Bug Gute Botschafter
81556 Suggestion New Should have Documentation of f:link.action should be more verbose
79050 Task New Should have ContextSource::getContext (SkinTemplate): called and $context is null
79038 Task On Hold Should have PDF rendering is broken
79028 Task New Should have cURL sometimes is slow
76726 Bug New Should have internal link leads to different language
72963 Task Under Review Must have Online Extbase and Fluid Guide not in english Martin Bless Documentation on
72729 Suggestion New Should have Use Markdown and Gitbook instead of rst and Sphinx
71617 Bug New Must have Default values not used with new content element by BE-Mod "New Content Element"
67178 Task New Should have Update extension registration
66418 Bug New Should have Open Content License: dead link in all docs
60879 Bug New Should have ReST Documentation of extension placements not rendered after upload to TER Manuals
54365 Task New Should have Spam
53977 Bug Needs Feedback Must have Heading above TOC in central index.rst files sometimes has wrong position
51653 Feature New Must have Add a nice message, how to create a manual, if a special version misses a manual Martin Bless
51279 Feature New Should have Add singlehtml link into extension docs Documentation on
49605 Task New Should have Folder t3lib and constant PATH_t3lib have been removed
49174 Bug New Should have Hidden chapters are present in TOC
49161 Bug New Should have Cannot use inline images Documentation on
48715 Bug On Hold Should have Image of hosting sponsor at the bottom is not displayed
45618 Bug Accepted Should have Page tree Francois Suter Documentation on
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