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Martin Holtz, 2008-07-26 12:40

1 1 Daniel Brüßler
h1. 2008-07-24 DanielSteffen Friday via skype about documentationtypo3org
import manuals into TYPO3 as pages:
* ext bitsoffice, needs improvement for images, needs docbook-support
1500 manuals with 10 pages
7 2 Martin Holtz
* 15000 TYPO3-pages, 50...150 logged-in-users who edit their documents or translate _[maholtz: they would not write or translate it at the same time i think:) perhaps 10 logged-in-users would be "many"]_
8 1 Daniel Brüßler
** needs own server for this
9 2 Martin Holtz
** alternative: "diese Seite melden" with comment what the problem is and the new text that should be there ++ must be shown as comment - so it's not a problem when the author doesn't react for months _[maholtz: +1 most important feature i think]_
** [maholtz:] on every page an mailto-link to the author of that page/tree, and a possibility to become an author/co-author of an page like in dmoz.org
11 1 Daniel Brüßler
*** overview-list for every manual-author: liste of all needed changes and checkbox to mark as "DONE"
12 2 Martin Holtz
* process: timeout of an extension or extension-manual. e.g. warn when it's 1 year old without a change, remove when it's 1.5 years old without a change _[maholtz:+1]_
13 1 Daniel Brüßler
* process: extension to mark manual-sections as draft/review/publish/published
14 2 Martin Holtz
* performance-optimization: staticfilecache from michiel roos: static pages can be saved as HTML but they cannot contain a plugin for the moment _[maholtz: i did that via ajax, so i can use statifilecache with user interaction]_
15 1 Daniel Brüßler
DATA-STORAGE: as TYPO-Seiten, not as docbook-files
17 2 Martin Holtz
* why: all TYPO3-features are usable _[maholtz:+1]_
18 1 Daniel Brüßler
* export regularly or when the manual-author clicks on a button: export to docBook and archive in SVN
* export as PDF: nc_pdfgen