2008-08-25 DanielKazuMartinSusanne Monday 1830 GMT+2 via skype

date: 25.08.2008


Daniel Bruessler, Martin Holtz, Susanne Moog, Kazu Hodota


  • 45 minutes manual: can be published as 0.5 (not 1.0 because the structure maybe will change, Susanne wants to publish it the next weekend)
  • Harry is working on the TemplaVoila-page in the wiki
  • typo3_tut: Susanne the weekend after the publishing the 45-minutes-manual
  • doc_template: changes from 1.2.2 into 1.1.1 so that no numbering is inside (Daniel)
  • asian charsets in the wiki for Kazu Hodota: back to utf8, waiting if the old utf8-backup is available on the server
  • core manuals: Francois Suter is doing the changes for Ingo Renner

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