2020-02-07 Team meeting (slack call) - additional call

Attendees: Martin Bless, Sybille Peters, Daniel Siepmann
Benjamin Kott (reports about infrastructure)

Beginning of the meeting: 14:00 CET (Berlin) UTC+01:00)

1 hour planned


  • How is everybody doing?


  • a lot ...

Agenda - today, here

What do we want to talk about today?

formatting for definition lists (reference tables with type, default, etc.) issue:

Leftovers from last meeting:

  • acknowledgements:
    - see recommendations by Thomas + Stefan
  • search: how to proceed * TYPO3 inc must make infrastructure available, currently not possible yet
  • Docker / theme
    • Docker currently already running with new theme (develop)
    • python package currently static
    • very good new features, actions etc.
  • sprints

    combined sprints:
    Suggestions so far:
    March (13. - 15.) - Zürich (Server Team) (max 6 persons) Fr-So
    April (20 - 22.) Combined Sprint Düsseldorf Mo-Mi
    July (28. - 29.) Developer Days - Karlsruhe Di-Mi
    Sep (14. - 16.) Hof (or 28 - 30) Mo-Mi
    Nov (2. - 4.) Düsseldorf (after Rhein Ruhr Camp) Mo-Mi

  • Benjamin Kott
    • infrastructure problem
    • currently no docs rendering (not possible before end of next week)
    • will migrate to GitHub (from bitbucket)

Left over for next meeting

  • get docs updated (changelog)
    • how to handle master / when to make changes (before release / after)
  • viewhelper reference Fluid: how to proceed

To do

To do or doing in real life in TYPO3 documentation:

  • Martin will send Sybille some resources info about style guides, Slack channel / readthedocs
  • Sybille: acknowledgments continue
  • everyone: check dates for combined sprints, try to meet up for a sprint
    (we may also organize our own sprint)

What we actually did in this meeting

see above

Next meeting

The next regular meeting is planned for the 3rd Friday of the month:

Feb 21, 2020

14:00 CET (Berlin) UTC+01:00

Planned end of meeting 15:00 CET.

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