Documentation Team Meeting Minutes 2012-03-22


Martin Bless, Philipp Gampe, Martin Holtz, Christopher Stelmaszyk, François Suter, Fabien Udriot

More reorganization of the team

Reorgnization is part of the standardization of the way teams function within the TYPO3 community. This effort is led by Ben van t' Ende. In this light we need to clear up memberships.

  • inactive members: Sabine Hueber
  • honorary member: Michael Stucki
  • new member: Martin Bless
  • co-leader: Christopher

Also meeting minutes need to be put in the Forge wiki. François will move the old ones.

All team members who don't yet have a email address will receive one.

Update to 4.7

  • TSref => Christopher
  • TCA reference => François
  • TSconfig => Martin Holtz
  • maybe Christian Wöbbeking and Martin Holtz can help a bit
  • We check again in 2 weeks to report on the status

Status of current projects

  • Security Guide:
    • Version 1.0.1 "fixes" about 20 small issues
    • release was today
  • TYPO3Wiki:
    • Design needs update to match the new design
    • Christopher asked the Design Team and gave them access; they promised to integrate one


reST migration

  • huge progress by Martin
  • next steps:
    • request creation of Git repos for each official manual => François
    • request creation of => François
    • check for Solr integration => François
    • more discussions needed, particularly about structures, keywords for cross-linking, permanent URLs, etc. Martin and François will come up with a first proposal. Discussion can then be opened. This topic needs to be coordinated with the FLOW3 team to make sure that such conventions fit all needs.

Next meeting

  • Thursday, April 19th, 21:00 CET

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