Documentation Team Meeting Minutes 2012-04-19


Martin Bless, Martin Holtz, François Suter, Christian Wöbbeking, Philipp Gampe


  • status of update for TYPO3 4.7
    • TSref is ready to be released (Christopher)
    • TSconfig is read (Christian Wöbbeking)
    • TCA reference is ready (François)
    • Documentation release on Monday 23, in the evening
    • Wait before creating a 6.0 branch, start rather when manuals migrated to reST
    • relaunch status
      • rendering of manuals now works fine, except for broken anchors and missing images
    • maintenance of the documentation pages on (
      • François to discuss with Christopher and answer to Jörn
  • feedback from T3DD12
    • not so many people attending, but very enthusiastic support, positive feedback
  • finalize naming conventions to get Git repositories created
    • François makes a list of all Git repositories and aks for their creation
    • new manual: FAL documentation
    • new manual: new templating tutorial
  • Fabien volunteered to create an example manual, with the "official template"
  • we need to answer to => François asks the server team
  • automatic conversion to reST for extension manuals
    • there might be issues if there are problems with the OO files (when saved as HTML)
    • OO generates HTML4, Martin Bless needs xHTML. Maybe tidy can help? (no, it fails on errors too)
    • this seems feasible, since it worked for the official documentation
    • this process will have limitations, but at least extension authors can still use OO for now (usage would be deprecated for now and dropped at some point in the future)
    • if extension authors want the better structure, they have to move to reST
  • integration with FLOW3 or
    • for now we go ahead with the current planned rendering process
    • take contact with the FLOW3 to discuss about what they are doing with (integration of rendered reST manuals into the site)
  • FLOW3 queuing tool:
    • follow on that and see if it's usable for managing the rendering tasks
  • Setup sphinx: Martin did you publish this already to static html? (No, I didn't.)

Next meeting

Thursday, May 24th, 21:00 CET

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