Documentation Team Meeting Minutes 2012-05-24


Martin Bless, Christopher Stelmaszyk, François Suter, Fabien Udriot, Christian Wöbbeking


Git migration

  • Example/Manual.git repo stays as it is
    • Rename (= delete + create) TYPO3v4/Extensions/doc_template.git ---> Documentation/TYPO3/Example/ExtensionManual.git
    • Push old SVN content of doc_template again (Christopher) + add new stuff (Fabien)
  • Add missing tags
  • Structure of Git repositories:
    • old stuff in "Archive"? No, let's keep tags instead.
    • reST files in "Documentation"!
  • Needed state for reST?
    • Result:
      • > make master empty (Christopher)
      • > import files from reST in the Documentation folder (François)

reST migration

  • URL/domain to put the documentation:
    • = outside of or
    • integrate the output into
    • => First "only" have it outside of on (Integration into maybe later, but not now.)
  • only lowercase or also uppercase of folders and filenames in the URLs?

To be continued on June 21st

Migration of sysext manuals:

  • Three possibilities:
    • one Git repo per extension
      • There are many (59). => Would make clean repos.
    • one single repo for all
      • Is it possible to have several manuals in one "Documentation" folder? => Would be a "dirty" solution.
    • keep sysext documentation in the Core together with the code.
      • That's what FLOW3 does (writing documentation is often forgotten, if docs are in another repo)
      • seems ok to have a script that fetches manuals from source code

Keep OpenOffice possibility for a given time (or forever)?

  • probably forever since we have to account for extensions which are not maintained anymore must still have their manuals rendered

Design for new rendering:

  • any news from Martin Huber? Not yet.


  • keep meeting on 3rd Thursday of every month?
    • As a basis: Yes. If needed, spontaneous meetings should be possible.
  • Improve Layout of TS
    • work continues on this. Fabien to give feedback about changes that may be needed in original reST structure or HTML rendering
  • Template Building Tutorial:
    • Christian is checking it out, will work with Christopher to suggest improvements

Next meeting

  • Thursday, June 21st, 21:00 CET

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