Documentation Team Meeting Minutes 2012-06-21


François Suter, Philippe Gampe, Martin Bless, Christian Woebbeking, Fabien Udriot


Status of reST migration

  • All official manuals migrated and committed to Git
  • Update process defined with the Core Team, ready for a new workflow
  • Martin's migration script can now take the path to a manual as an input parameter and make it into a complete Sphinx project

Redefinition of milestones for the reST migration budget

  • The EAB is getting familiar with existing projects and asked for details about outstanding budgets
  • François wants to take this opportunity to redefine milestones for the 15 days left in our budget. This could help Martin (and others, if available) make progress faster on the completion of this project.

System extensions manuals

  • online rendering should be possible until release of 6.0
  • no migration planned for now, probably not reachable before feature freeze

Support for OpenOffice

  • provided by Martin's script
  • the script now needs to detect if an extension already has documentation in reST

Design for

  • Martin should contact the Design Team to get someone help us with this task

Next steps of reST migration

  • Define how we cross-link manuals
    • mappings are defined in the file
    • each manual editor can choose what keys he/she uses for mappings
    • define a mapping for all official manuals (to each of the other official manuals) that would be, mandatory for official manuals and the best practice for other manuals
  • FLOW3 distribution
    • Design a model (inspiration table cache_extensions)
  • Get familiar with the involved tools
  • Go on with FLOW3 rendering. First attempt from Sebstian seems to be working. Short howto
    • install & run beanstalkd
    • in one console, type:
      • ./flow3 job:work renderDocumentation
    • and in another console, you can add jobs using
      • ./flow3 documentationrendering:addjob /tmp/foo
  • See also Martin's to do list:

Administration Guide

  • Michael Schams has agreed to pick up the project
    • will start in July
    • first step will be to contact the existing members and see if they are still interested
    • notify the whole community so that we gather experience from as many people as possible

Next meeting

  • Thursday, July 19th, 21:00 CET

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