Documentation Team Meeting Minutes 2012-08-23


Martin Bless, Jacob Floyd, François Suter, Fabien Udriot


News & Annoucement

Official manuals

  • status of Templating tutorial
    • not known
  • status of Admin Guide
    • all ex-teams member have been contacted
    • a good percentage expressed their interest in contributing to the AdminGuide
    • deleted all remaining members from the forge project as announced
    • Michael Schams prepared a draft announcement for for collecting content and manpower

Status of reST migration

  • YAML configuration file
    • the global configuration file is in the ReST Tools project
    • All official documention should have this Yaml file
    • handling version numbers
      • in the case of extensions, we need the version number => can be picked up by the FLOW3 app and passed dynamically to the Python script
      • log a notice about diverging version numbers (if a different number is stored in the local YAML file)
      • for the official documentation, we will rely on Git tags
  • status of sysext doc migration + EM integration?
    • ReST migration for 6.1
    • make sure to have the necessary hooks in 6.0 (in the Extension Manager) and the Doc Team will provide an extension which:
      • points to the online rendered version
      • allows a download of some version for local (and links to that)
    • François to get back to the Core Team with this decision
  • status of contact with design team?
    • no idea => François to raise the topic again with Christopher
    • would be particulary nice to have a set of icons for the admonitions
  • integration with
    • there seems to be a lot of worry from the team
    • apparently using a proxy like for is not acceptable
    • François will continue the discussions
  • Progress on the rendering workflow
      ./flow3 document:synchronize  -> populate the database with records (status of document: to-fetch)
      ./flow3 document:fetch        -> fetch source code (status of document: to-render)
      ./flow3 document:render       -> add a rendering job into the queue
  • URLs:
    • structure of URLs for versions and languages. Main structure is:



Note: the default locale will not appear, but it is en_US.

The base/default path (after [manual_name]) should point to the current version. Example:

would point to, given the examples above.

Ideas to handle this:

  • .htaccess file would point to /1.2 with URLRewrite
  • Also send a HTTP canonical link header via the .htaccess file
    <ifModule mod_headers.c>
    Header set Link "<;; rel=\"canonical\""
    this makes google ignore the unversioned url and only index the canonical link.
    When the docs are built recreate the .htaccess to point to the latest version of docs

More examples:

1. Official Docs

/TYPO3/CodingGuidelinesReference/ <- latest stable version
/TYPO3/CodingGuidelinesReference/1.0.0 <- one particular version
/TYPO3/CodingGuidelinesReference/de_De/1.0.0 <- one particular version
/TYPO3/CodingGuidelinesReference/nightly <- the master version from Git (or SVN)

/TYPO3/CodingGuidelinesReference/1.0 <- version (optionally)

2. Extension Docs

/TYPO3/Extensions/news <- latest stable version
/TYPO3/Extensions/news/1.0.0 <- one particular version
/TYPO3/Extensions/news/1.0.0/nightly <- the master version from Git (or SVN)

Next meeting

  • Thursday, September 20th, 21:00 CET => moved to 27th, inform in mailing list

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