Documentation Team Meeting Minutes 2012-09-27


Martin Bless, François Suter

General information

  • The budget stuff seems ok, Fabien and Martin could get paid
  • Fabien is father for the third time ♫

Official manuals

  • status of Admin Guide // Maintenance Guide
    • in the process of being renamed to Maintenance Guide
    • work is starting in the project's wiki:
    • next steps:
      • creating an article for (on Michael's ToDo list)
      • continue to "promote" the Guide and encourage people to help
      • (hopefully) get some content (drafts?) from writers
  • Templating Tutorial
    • Christopher and Christian will continue on that project

Documentation server(s)

  • one for rendering
  • one for serving
    • advantage: if a problem happens on the rendering server, people can still browse the documentation on the other one
    • disadvantage: this means moving files between the two upon each rendering
  • => rediscuss in the ML

ReST migration

  • received layouts and stylesheets from Tolleiv for applying design to
  • François has been working on Core APIs and is very pleased with ReStructured Text :-)
  • rendering pipeline: what are the missing pieces?
    • the most important is to produce better HTML template:
      • improved navigation
      • some missing links
      • TypoScript reference
      • better usage of Sphinx features
  • the other big task is to update the manuals and clean them up/restructure them as discussed in the ML already (reference:

Handling of translations

  • getting started available in Dutch (thanks to Hans Olthoff)
  • discuss handling of translations in the ML

Next meeting

  • Thursday, October 18th, 21:00 CET

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