Documentation Team Meeting Minutes 2012-10-18


Martin Bless, Christopher Stelmaszyk, François Suter

Official manuals

  • status of Templating tutorial
    • Christian Wöbbeking is willing to work on it, review and move to ReST
  • status of Maintenance Guide:
    • Michael Schams working with Christopher on a news announcement, should be ready very soon
  • updates
    • Christian started working on TSconfig
    • François working on Core APIs

Planning for 6.0 release

  • feedback from joint team meeting?
    • Nothing special for the Doc Team. We just need to update the manuals :-)
  • manuals can be updated in time
    • ReST markup will not be squeaky clean
    • priorities:
      • content (must be up to date)
      • headings and labels (for cross-linking)
      • renaming images (and moving to "figures")
      • fixing superfluous spaces
    • A really helpful online editor:

Rebranding integration

  • Sphinx provides a builder for each format, e.g. HTML
  • Martin created a builder for producing "" HTML
    • mostly inherits from HTML builder
    • production of those HTML documents on the server
    • their content will be cut out and pasted into the HTML pages of
    • could be handled by a plugin on
  • waiting for feedback from t3o team after Martin's mail

ReST migration

  • the migration is essentially complete. We are not mostly consolidating the build chain, improving the rendering, etc.
  • status of build chain automation:
    • (to be completed)

Next meeting

  • Thursday, November 15th, 21:00 CET

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