Documentation Team Meeting Minutes 2012-11-15


Martin Bless, Michael Schams, Christopher Stelmaszyk, François Suter, Fabien Udriot

Official manuals

  • status of Templating tutorial:
    • tutorial has been tested by 2 probands (TYPO3-Newbies, basic (or better) knowledge of English and computer and possible demand for a CMS)
    • the probands became a fresh TYPO3 system on a web-server with the introduction-package
    • NOTE: The TS-Template of introduction-package overwrites the new TS-Template. So a blank TYPO3-system is more suitable.
    • both probands failed to enter the backend, could not find the extension-manager for installing the extension and could not find the file-manager for uploading the modified HTML-template.
    • the type of the tutorial is a training guide but the probands expected a instruction guide like a recipe
    • almost always the instructions and associated images are clear but the probands looking for speaking topics (aim, tasks, result)
    • conclusions: discussing target audience, poining out needed skill-level and tools (e.g. editor!) before starting and define the instruction type
  • status of Maintenance Guide:
    • news announcement published, currently 2-3 new members.
    • instruct people to use the wiki (
    • ask community about presentations that could be reused in the manual (look at Slideshare for ideas)
  • status of Security Guide:
    • updates for TYPO3 6.0 and the new TYPO3 branding
  • other official manuals:
    • general ReST work: headlines/folders renamed, labels, images)
    • Christopher: TSref is nearly ready
    • Christian started working on TSconfig
    • François working on Core APIs
  • NOTE: there's now a list of all targets available in a given manual (listed at the end of the manual)

Planning for 6.0 release / integration

  • Martin can test with the branches for 4.7 in the repos of TSconfig, TypoScript Reference and TCA. (Still has to be done)
  • our content can be cut out and pasted into the HTML pages of
    • could be handled by a plugin on
  • Martin is working on a nice looking "t3org" theme for Sphinx that will produce static html files that are code compatible and layout compatible with
  • Boris Hinzer (from team) & staff is working on the styling, good cooperation
  • A better rendering for the table rows is in the pipeline and close to appearance. This will make the Tsref readable again. But this automation will only affect those table rows that were in the style of the old Tsref "Object, Data Type, Description, Default" tables.

Design of the new documentation


Next meeting

  • Thursday, December 13th, 21:00 CET

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